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1961 Sixpence Coin Cufflinks, British 1961 Lucky Sixpence, 1961. 57th birthday gift for him.

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These are handmade and hand polished cufflinks, using genuine British sixpence both dated 1961.
Each sixpence measures 3/4 of an inch in diameter. (20mm)
These coins are no longer in circulation

These cufflinks make an ideal gift for a best man or ideal for a groom on his wedding day.

Please note coin designs are different for certain years. 1947-1948 are the same, 1949-1951 are the same, then 1953-1967 have the same design. (Other years/designs shown in other listings in my shop.)

Silver plated cufflink bases have been used.

I've got sixpence
Jolly jolly sixpence
I've got sixpence to last me all my life
I've got twopence to spend
And twopence to lend
And twopence to send home to my wife-poor wife.

They arrive packaged in a gift box

  • Silver Cufflink Base
  • Vintage Coin
  • British Currency
  • Sixpence
  • Coins
  • 1961 COIN
  • 1961 Sixpence

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