• Our jewellery products »

    Our jewellery products »

    Bridal accessories, cufflinks, necklaces and more, see our extensive range of vintage and handmade accessories.
  • Bespoke Jewellery »

    Bespoke Jewellery »

    For something more personal, we offer a bespoke service. Contact us to see what we can do for you
  • Jewellery Making Parties »

    Jewellery Making Parties »

    Organise a unique Hen Party with one of My Fayre Favourite's jewellery making party packages.
  • Men’s Accessories »

    Men’s Accessories »

    Cufflinks, bowties and pocket squares, see our range of mens accessories. Perfect for the groom and his men.
  • Upcoming events »

    Upcoming events »

    Come and see us at our next event. From Wedding Fairs to vintage events, there's always lots to see.
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My Fayre Favourite provides bespoke one-of-a-kind accessories, including genuine vintage treasures coupled with contemporary detail. In a time when fashion is mass produced, My Fayre Favourite looks to create individual pieces that stand out.
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